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INNOVAWAY carries out activities of:

  • Servizi ITSM (IT Service Management):
    • SPOC (Single Point Of Contact);
    • Multilanguage Service Desk;
    • Help Desk di 1°, 2°, 3° livel;
    • Fleet Management;
    • Support on
  • IT services (Information Technology):
    • System integration;
    • Application Software Development;
    • Specialist system support
  • Servizi BPO (Business Process Outsourcing);
    • Multilanguage Front Office Process;
    • Contact Center Inbound e Outbound;
    • Multilanguage Back Office


INNOVAWAY believes that the quality and security of the information processed, the services provided, safety at work and respect for the environment are essential to the quality and safety of the processes applied. The General Management has also undertaken to operate in accordance with the principles of social responsibility through transparent methods and systems aimed at detecting and meeting the expectations of the main stakeholders. All these aspects, in fact, contribute to satisfying the customer, respecting their needs and expectations, with excellent performance. The achievement of these goals can only be achieved through the correct application of processes, the investment in knowledge for its employees, the maximum procedural control over the provision of its services and the continuous monitoring of performance.

The INNOVAWAY Policy is therefore based on two main elements: values ​​and corporate strategy, in compliance with the following reference standards:

UNI EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security Management System UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27017 - Security controls for cloud services

UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27018 - Protect information in the cloud UNI CEI ISO/IEC 20000-1 - IT Service Management

UNI EN ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety management systems UNI PdR 125 – Sistema di Gestione per la parità di Genere

SA8000 – Social Responsibility Management System



Customer Centricity:

  • pursue its business success on the markets through the offer of quality services at competitive conditions and in compliance with all the rules put in place to protect fair competition, recognize that the appreciation of those who request services is of primary importance for its business success;
  • carry out all activities in the company with commitment and professional rigor for maximum customer satisfaction;
  • consider information security an essential factor for the protection of its own and Customers' information assets and a factor of strategic value in the sector in which it operates;
  • provide the client with employees who provide professional contributions appropriate to the responsibilities
  • Fully comply with the implicit and explicit contractual requirements signed with its customers regarding information security


Results-oriented and continuous improvement of the quality of services:

  • pursue the quality of services by determining innovation and continuous improvement of the processes, technology, models and systems adopted by the Organization.
  • Preserve the company's current image as a reliable and competent supplier

Centrality of people and relationships with employees and suppliers:

  • pursue the principle that people are the main agents of change and are the differentiator in an increasingly competitive market
  • inspire all actions, operations and negotiations carried out and, in general, the conduct required of employees in the performance of their work towards the Client to the utmost fairness from the point of view of management, completeness and transparency of information, legitimacy from a formal and substantive point of view and clarity and truth in accounting findings in accordance with current regulations and internal procedures;
  • foster a corporate climate that impits relationships between employees, at all levels, to criteria and behaviors of fairness, collaboration, loyalty, non-discrimination and reciprocal
  • not to preclude any supplier company in possession of the requisites required for qualification according to company procedures, from competing to win a supply, adopting objective evaluation criteria in the selection, according to declared and transparent procedures;
  • Obtain the cooperation of suppliers in ensuring that customer needs in terms of quality, cost and delivery times are met at least as long as they expect
  • comply with national, EU and international laws on the environment, health and safety, privacy and workers' rights, complying with the provisions contained in official documents and their interpretations;
  • maintain the requirements of the reference standards over time and adapt to any new requirements that may be required;
  • ensure periodic monitoring and continuous improvement of the management system implemented by defining, within the meetings of the Ethics Committee, specific improvement goals and verifying their achievement also through a panel of significant indicators;
  • ensure that all staff are adequately trained and provided with information on the environment, health and safety, privacy and information security, gender equality and social responsibility;
  • raise awareness among suppliers of the principles set out in the standards taken as a reference on which our integrated company management system is based;
  • carry out first-party audits to ensure compliance with quality, environmental, health and safety, social and privacy and information security requirements, adopting any necessary corrective and improvement actions;
  • documenting and communicating to stakeholders the commitment to the environment, safety in the workplace, Social Responsibility, Gender Equality and Information Security;
  • pursue goals of continuous improvement of workers' health and safety conditions. To this end, it guarantees the availability of adequate human, instrumental and economic resources necessary to translate this commitment into a concrete strategic objective, transversal and additional to the general purposes of the company.


Orientation to results and continuous improvement of the quality of the services offered:

  • pursue the quality of services by determining innovation and continuous improvement of the processes, technology, models and systems adopted by the Organization.



Innovative solutions in line with the most advanced market technologies.

  • for the growth of professional skills, with a view to continuous updating and expansion
  • Increase the level of sensitivity and competence in its staff on information security issues


Dissemination of skills and experience

  • carry out all activities in the company with commitment and professional rigor for maximum customer satisfaction
  • provide the client with employees who provide professional contributions appropriate to the responsibilities
  • continuous improvement of the organisation's ideational capacity Principles of Social Responsibility
  • Appropriate procedures have been put in place and implemented to ensure that no employee under the age of 16 is hired; awareness of its ethical policy is disseminated to both workers and stakeholders; monitoring of our suppliers is carried out so as not to become accomplices in the exploitation of child labour
  • We do not require any cash deposits or identity documents from hired staff under any circumstances. We do not make use of cameras or surveillance that implements forms of control over workers in the performance of their duties. We reject any form of coercion against staff.
  • We guarantee all workers respect for trade union rights and the prevention of any form of discrimination against union members or representatives
  • Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated, either in recruitment or in the workplace
  • We reject all disciplinary practices not provided for by the applied CCNL and the Workers' Statute
  • We apply the working hours established by the CCNL; pay non-ordinary hours at an increased rate as required by the category CCNL and we guarantee rest days
  • We guarantee employees wages corresponding to the sector's national collective labor agreement and the correct management of all contractual forms used (fixed-term contracts, apprenticeships).



INNOVAWAY is therefore committed, in line with its Policy, to pursue the following objectives:

Apply the recommendations of the reference regulations (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000-1, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, UNI PdR 125 and SA8000) as well as the specific regulations relating to the activities of:

  • design and implement services that meet the Customer's requirements, promptly satisfying their needs and always exercising the acquired coordination, control and integration skills of services and processes, at the planned level of performance
  • guarantee an adequate level of data and information security in the design, development and delivery of company services, through the identification, assessment and treatment of the risks to which the services themselves are subject
  • design and implement high value-added services accompanied by systematic procedures for management, monitoring and measuring the results achieved;
  • constantly improve the skills of its human resources, through adequate training and education programs;
  • improve the quality of the services provided over time by providing those who provide them with adequate means to achieve this goal;
  • continuously monitor the results by means of tools to measure customer satisfaction;
  • ensure business growth in terms of profitability;
  • promote the continuous improvement of the overall effectiveness of the defined Integrated Management System, through timely reviews and specific improvement actions
  • encourage the dissemination of a culture and awareness of the security and protection of data and information, in particular the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and information, among its employees, collaborators, partners and third parties regarding their roles and responsibilities in this area
  • deal quickly, effectively and scrupulously with emergencies or accidents that may occur in the performance of activities, also collaborating with third parties or bodies in charge
  • carry out control and review activities, starting with the most critical activities to update the security programs planned to achieve and ensure this policy



If employees, individually or organized in their trade union representatives, believe that one or more of the principles of the reference standards have not been applied consistently, or believe that there are problems that may affect compliance, they can send a formal complaint using the channels below. To keep the System active, and to have a socially responsible Organization, the active participation of all workers and stakeholders involved is essential.

The report can be sent to the dedicated e-mail [email protected] or to its SA 8000 representatives, to the Head of the SA 8000 Management System or any of the members of the SPT.


It should also be noted that the complaint can also be sent by all interested parties, including employees, to:


The policy is displayed in a clear and visible manner, in an appropriate and comprehensible form both in the workplace and on the company website www.innovaway.it

The reference for the standard SA8000 is the SAI: Social Accountability International 15 West 44th Street | New York, NY 10036 Phone: 212-684-1414 | Fax. 212-684-1515 - Email: [email protected].

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Napoli, September 25, 2023

General Manager

Antonio Burinato