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Our Markets

Innovaway designs and delivers cutting-edge digital transformation solutions that empower organizations across diverse markets. Our tailored strategies, data-driven insights, and proven expertise enable our partners in various industries to overcome challenges, drive efficiencies, and unlock their true potential.

Private Sector

The digital spending supported by operators in the private sector (Industry, TLC, Energy-Utility, Retail, Distribution and Services) in recent years is primarily oriented towards supporting strategies to defend margins, based on customer loyalty and improving internal efficiency – review of operational processes, optimization of the Supply Chain, reduction of waste, energy saving. The main areas of investment concern the adoption of Data-Driven strategies for the management of business processes and customer relationships, especially BI and reporting, advanced analysis solutions, cybersecurity and topics closely connected to the opportunities offered by new digital technologies, on all Cloud and IoT. Areas in which we boast - especially for the Retail and Distribution sector - many years of experience and technical-functional skills capable of suggesting the best solutions on the market and offering adequate skills to guarantee an effective and efficient final result for our Customers.

Public Sector

Following large-scale financing, the Public Market (Central and Local Public Administration, Welfare and Healthcare) is, and will be for a few more years, the main driver of digital growth in Italy. The evolution of architectures, applications and systems, and the migration to the Cloud represent an indispensable factor for achieving competitiveness and margins. The change in the relationship with customers on digital channels, together with the growing personalization of services through the valorisation of data, are at the center of the most important public digitisation projects. Great attention is paid to the development of specific process automation projects - with the growing adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions - and to the strengthening of cybersecurity which represents one of the enabling factors to guarantee cyber resilience and reduce the impact of growing threats deriving from cyber attacks. For all these topics, by virtue of previous experience, functional sector know-how and consolidated technological and training partnerships (Research Centers and Consulting Companies), we are able to support the various organizations in the analysis, planning, execution, and maintenance of the most appropriate solutions to facilitate the digital change of the specific market.

Finance Sector

The Finance (Banking & Insurance) sector is characterized by central and complex issues such as regulatory compliance, data security, and risk management. On the other hand, technological innovation and evolving customer expectations continually shape the competitive landscape. The optimization of the "customer experience" is, for example, a key element for the success of sector initiatives. Companies must therefore seek efficient management of existing resources and at the same time be ready to embrace the opportunities offered by digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence. In this path we are able to accompany the digitalisation, modernization and optimization initiatives of processes in the IT, Service Desk and BPO fields, based on our long experience in the field and the consolidated technological skills acquired over the last few years.

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