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(Smart tools and methodologies sEcure urbaN SystEm 4.0) Critical Infrastructure
SmartSense provides a methodological and technological framework to support several ICT companies to offer new efficient cyber-physical security services for the Smart Communities. The new Smart Governance model is based on a “human-centric" approach and is inclusive for the co-creation of useful and shared knowledge on urban security. The platform is designed to ensure the protection and resilience of the system and offers a Comprehensive and synergistic solution to address security challenges in urban communities.

Created for the Puglia Region between 2021 and 2023

FSC/P.O.R. PUGLIA FESR 2014-2020, Axis I - Specific objective 1a Action 1.1 Sub-Action 1.1.a, Regional Regulation of 30 September 2014, n. 17 and s.m.i. - Title II - Chapter 1 - Art. 17, CUP: B92C21001220007

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  • improving the security of cities exposed to cyber and physical threats
  • reduction of risks regarding critical infrastructures and Cyber-Physical ecosystems


Public Administration, Citizens, Companies, Organizations


Engineering, DINETS, N&C, SITE


IoT Sensor Network, Algoritmi di AI, Big Data Analysis, Predictive Analysis