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Jan, 04 2023

Innovaway e Black Peak Technologies - Digitale da Record

Nov, 04 2022

Campi Flegrei Fucina Digitale

Sep, 04 2022

Innovaway: bond entirely subscribed by Cdp and Mcc

Sep, 04 2022

Mastella opens Innovaway headquarters: "Benevento has a foot in the future"

Aug, 04 2022

Digital Innovation nel settore fashion & retail

Dec, 04 2021

Digital transformation, Innovaway finalizes the Olisistem start dossier

Dec, 04 2021

Innovaway perfeziona l'acquisizione della business unit Banking & Insurance di Olisistem Start

Dec, 03 2021

Foundation Innovaway: pediatric recuscitation, lumify donation to the Santobono foundation

Nov, 03 2021

Cantico the smart lyric